Adorah is a Cuban R&B artist and singer/songwriter living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A superb artist, gifted with a unique voice. She's been writing songs since she was just 14 and knew she wanted to make her passion her every day job. Although the singer is just 22 years old, she grew up listening to iconic 90's music and so began her love for R&B and Soul. In 2017 she released her first EP "7TEEN" giving us a little more insight of her experiences when she turned 17 that year. Adorah is always about being herself. Her attitude and aura says it all. Inspiring people is what makes her feel joyful, just like her inspirations do to her like her favorite artists H.E.R., Kehlani and Rosalia. 

 She got nominated in 2020 for best track of 2020 with her song “Supposed To”. In February 2021 she released a song “Love Songs” which is part of the first All-Female album 20 Feet Tall in the Netherlands, initiated by Sisters In Songwriting.

She has performed at places like Luxor Theater, De Doelen, Dolhuis, Theater De Stoep, Bird, Rotown & Grounds. Bringing people together through music is what's important to her. Everyone is different, but we all speak one language. Which is music.